PAR Sensor
PAR Sensor

PAR Sensor

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  • 400~700nm spectral range 🌈
  • ±5% accuracy
  • 0 - 2500 μmol/m²/s
  • calibrated for sunlight
  • I2C interface
  • 3.3 - 5 V voltage range

What it is

A PAR sensor in a waterproof aluminum enclosure with a 1.5m cable. The sensor comes pre-calibrated for sunlight and doesn’t require any subsequent calibration.

It comes with a small tripod and bubble level.

The device uses the Qwiic Connect System for wiring, it’s an easy-to-use, polarized, push-to-fit connector. No more mistaken connections or soldering header pins.

Using it

The documentation on the specification, and setup of the sensor is available.

The Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, and library is in the respective library manager. Any Arduino compatible board will work. Any Raspberry Pi 3, 4 or Zero will work as well.

A python library is available for the Raspberry Pi.

Buying it

The PAR sensor, accompanying sensor circuit for taking measurements, and a tripod are included. Everything you need to take measurements is included. 

Don't forget to add a Qwiic wire to your order. There are 3 types of wires to choose from; Qwiic to Qwiic used to connect a Qwiic board to another Qwiic board, Qwiic to male headers, and Qwiic to female headers.