ISE Probe Interface

Use any Ion Specific Electrode, pH, ORP, or mV Probe

What it is

An I2C sensor device that can read any voltage based sensor such as a pH or ORP probe. There are pin headers available to connect a waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor for temperature compensation. The firmware on the device provides two calibration options, single or dual point which can be used simultaneously.

Using it

There is extensive documentation on the specifications, setup, and use of the device.

The library to use it is in the Arduino and IDE. A python and rust implementation for Raspberry Pi is available. There are also MicroPython and Espruino javascript libraries.




Buy it

The board can be purchased by itself, pH and ORP probes, and temperature sensors are also available separately. Buy the board and a probe and get the I2C Sensor Isolator board for 10% off. The discount will be automatically applied.

ISE Probe Interface

The board by itself.

pH Probe and Calibration Powder

The probe is gel-filled, single-junction, with a plastic body. Calibration powder in pH 4/7/10 that mixes with distilled water for a single use.

ORP Probe

A gel-filled, 245 mV potential ORP probe with a platinum disc electrode.

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Support and Questions

If you have questions, find a bug, or have any suggestions, go to this project’s GitHub page and submit an Issue or Pull Request. Or you can send an email to [email protected].

Source code and schematics are open and MIT/CERN OHL licensed.

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