Measure pH, ORP, EC or salinity with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi

μFire BLE Box 📦

  • Measures EC, pH, ORP, and temperature
  • Fully assembled and programmed
  • Controlled through your phone's BLE interface
  • WebAPK or website user-interface
  • Easy starting-point to create your own device

What it is

Looking to measure EC, pH, and ORP? It's a common starting point for monitoring hydroponics or pools. This kit comes fully assembled and programmed. The source code is included and makes for an easy starting point for whatever it is you want to make. You could buy all the components seperately, learn the (easy) API, spend awhile experimenting, and end up at the same place this will put you.

Using it

Visit in Chrome. A little banner should pop up asking your if you want to add it to your homescreen, agree and you just installed the WebAPK. You'll find the icon on your phone's homescreen. Start it and you will be looking at the UI of a fully functional monitoring device. You can calibrate all three sensors from within the UI. If you just want a device, that's it.

If you want to build your own device on top of it, you'll find the source code to be simple to understand and easy to build ontop of.

How to get one

Send an email to [email protected] with your requirements. You can add/subtract sensors and be sure to include what controller you'd like (ESP32 is a good pick) and what interface (WiFi, BLE, REST, LoRa, MQTT, CoAP).