Using the Qwiic Connect System

The Qwiic Connect System is an easy-to-use, polarized, push-to-fit connector. No more mistaken connections or soldering header pins. Adafruit calls these connectors STEMMA QT.

Black = GND
Red = 3.3 / 5 V
Blue = SDA
Yellow = SCL

The wires are color coded making it much easier to get the connections right, plus the end result looks better too.

There are three kinds of wires

Qwiic to Qwiic

Used to connect one Qwiic board to another.

Qwiic to Male Headers

Used to connect a Qwiic board to another device with male pins.

Qwiic to Female Headers

Used to connect a Wwiic to bard to female headers.


Qwiic boards should come with two connectors which allows you to connect one board to another. All μFire devices come with two connectors.