New JSON and MsgPack Interface

A new library addition exposes a JSON and MsgPack interface. It makes developing a text-based interface extremely simple.

JSON is an easy way to send and receive formatted information. It is simple to use and human-readable.

MsgPack is like JSON, but uses binary serialization to achieve smaller messages than JSON (typically).

A Simple Use-case

Using any WiFi capable device, assume you have a WebSocket interface that can send and receive text. The device could listen for commands, such as to take an EC reading or perform a calibration routine. The device would receive and execute the command, and then return the result as a JSON or MsgPack response. The end-user application would receive the response, parse it, and update the information.

A little more information

The library accepts simple text-based commands. An EC reading can be taken by sending ec for example. In response, a JSON response of {"ec":1.24} will be sent. Alternatively, a MsgPack response could be chosen instead.

Calibration can also be done. Some commands will take a parameter, for example, eo will return the single-point offset of an EC probe, but eo 1.413 will perform a single-point calibration using 1.413 as the calibration solution. The calibration data will then be sent back as a result.

Not every possible operation has a corresponding command, however the majority of things are covered. Adding functionality could easily be accomplished by looking at the class-implementation.

You can read the documentation for both the Isolated EC Probe Interface and Isolated ISE Probe Interface for more details.